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Artists: Creators of Social Change

Throughout 2021/2022, the project “Artists: Creators of Social Change” aims at offering a large number of women in the cultural scene in Iraq the chance to network while also enabling them to participate confidently in the cultural, political and social spheres.

Women Talking Peace

Throughout 2020/21 the project ‘’Women talking peace’’ aims to involve women in the building of an effective peace order and functioning state, democratic and social structures in Iraq.

Women take the lead

Self-confidence, political qualifications and professional skills to assume active leadership roles in society – that is what the Syrian women take home…

Lange Nacht der Ideen 2021

“Writing for life” brought together Iraqi women from different ethnic and religious backgrounds to express themselves through their writing, promoting their participation in public…

Self-determined. Women make film

The project offered a selection of women from all parts of Iraq the chance to learn about filmmaking and enables them to participate confidently in the cultural, political and social space.

Arts-based approaches to peace-building in Iraq

Strengthening civil society, helping people to overcome war-related trauma, promoting participation in social life and change – these are just some of the positive effects …

Women think Iraq anew

The project “Women think Iraq anew” strove to empower female members of the National Council of Representatives as well as women…

Cultural Initiatives for Civil Society in Iraq

The project “Rebuilding Society through Cultural Neworks” offered female writers safe spaces where they can express themselves freely and challenge societal prejudices…

Open doors – open minds

The 5 months long “Open doors – open minds” programme supports Syrian women refugees through mentoring, coaching and seminars …