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Clean Tigris – dialogue project for sustainable peace in Mesopotamia

  • Country: Iraq
  • Duration of the project: February 2020-December 2021
  • Project objective: Develop sustainable solutions to fight water pollution and improve water management in Iraq
  • Website: www.cleantigris.com (in Arabic)
  • Social media: InstagramYoutube and Facebook (in Arabic)
    If you are interested in participating in the programme, please write an email to cleantigris@elbarlament.org
  • Contact person: Alisha Molter
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The dialogue programme “Clean Tigris” brings city mayors and other decision-makers, academics, active members of civil society and artists living along the two main rivers Euphrates and Tigris and the Marshlands in Iraq into a dialogue. Together, they develop sustainable solutions to fight water pollution and strive to improve water management in the country.

Project events and outcomes: 

  • The Roadmap for a sustainable water resource management in Irak (in Arabic), offering a set of recommendations on how to improve the water situation in the country. 
  • The Water for Future festival and conference, organised early November 2021.
  • Online workshops with local and international experts on water legislation, international water conflicts, transboundary conflict resolution and negotiation games, as well as the impact of climate change in Iraq and gender dynamics of water conflicts. 
  • Videos and animations, animated infographics and videos by participants for our social media
  • Social media campaigns on Facebook and Instagram #cleantigris
  • A project by the “Visualize it” team students of the Institute for Technology and Resources Management in the Tropics and Subtropics (ITT) at the TH Köln (University of Applied Sciences) that produced: Throwback to the Euphrates-Tigris basin’s water history, Water quality index and a video on the dams in Tigris and Euphrates Basin
  • A research publication with international and local researchers on water challenges in Iraq
  • A comic book by three Iraqi comic illustrators raising awareness on the importance and history of the two streams of Mesopotamia.


In 2016, the marshlands of Iraq were listed a UNESCO world heritage. 

Water means life. The two rivers Euphrates and Tigris serve as important food and water sources for the Iraqi population: be it as an economic livelihood for fishermen, buffalo herders, or families who harvest reed. The population living along the rivers realised that the cultural heritage of the Marshlands is drying out and the surfaces are polluted with plastic waste. In several communities along the rivers, governors and local NGOs are already running initiatives to improve the situation. But since the water flows from North to South, a joint effort from all communities is needed to improve the situation.

Impressions from the comic book, Clean Tigris
Interactive Map Clean Tigris

The project is funded by the ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen) programme “zivik”, with funds from the German Federal Foreign Office.