The Protection Self-Referral Guide for Women Human Rights Defenders in Yemen and Diaspora

The Protection Self-Referral Guide for Women Human Rights Defenders in Yemen and Diaspora is an essential resource has been developed to assist Women Human Rights Defenders, offering them vital information on local, national, and international support services such as protection grants, legal, psycho-social, immigration, digital support and others.

Mosul Tells: stories from reconnecting communities

Mosul, the second largest city of Iraq, has a lot to tell. Join us on a journey through the rich and diverse (hi)stories it inhabits. It looks back on thousands of years of history as it emerged on the grounds of the ancient Assyrian city of Nineveh – once the largest city in the world.

Systematic Review of Dialogue Experiences in Iraq

This report introduces key findings of the systemic review of dialogue experiences in Iraq. It presents an analysis of experiences and lessons learned on the implementation of dialogues by projects of GIZ Iraq, Iraqi state institutions and other international and local organisations.

Online Violence Towards Women in Iraq

The report examines the prevalence of online violence towards women in Iraq. It is one of six research papers by the Women Talking Peace project.

Gender and Legislative Training Manual

Our Managing Director Dr. Birgit Laubach co-authored this study together with Dr. Amina Salihu. The objective of this manual was to create a critical tool to enable legislators and legislative staff in Nigeria’s Federal Legislature (the National Assembly) to have the requisite skills and knowledge to understand gender issues, women’s rights and social inclusion, and to make laws that protect the rights of girls and women across diversities, including in relation to gender, geography, age and disability, as well as enhance their participation in the legislature.