What we do

“elbarlament – cultures of democracy” offers a broad range of services to private and public stakeholders: We assist governments, parliaments and civil society, especially women, in developing democratic ideas and processes contributing to good governance and sustainable development.

We believe that all societies have the right to develop their full potential; that people belonging to different cultures deserve the same degree of respect; and that all people should have the possibility to shape the culture and political development of their country.

Through capacity building, cultural promotion, and dialogue between civil society and political decision makers we spread cultures of democracy all over the world. We follow a needs-based approach, tailoring our interventions to the specific local context.

elbarlament’s team members have experience in navigating in politically sensitive situations in a wide range of different countries.

Our Services:

  • Training and capacity building of political institutions and civil society
  • Political and cultural events
  • Workshops for women empowerment and participation
  • Promoting dialogue between parliaments and civil society
  • Needs assessment and technical assistance to political institutions
  • Support to parliamentary out-reach activities and stakeholder analysis
  • Advice on the role of the parliamentary opposition and the functioning of political groups
  • Peace-building and conflict prevention through culture and the arts
  • Exchange of international best practice
  • Research on political and cultural development processes
  • Evaluations of development and democracy support projects