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Women leaders for participation and peace

  • Country: Lebanon
  • Project Name: Women leaders for participation and peace
  • Contact person: Riwa AlHamwi hamwi@elbarlament.org
  • Duration of the project: September 2022 – December 2022
  • Project objective: To contribute in realising equal rights for women in the Arsal area of Lebanon.
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The project ”Women leaders for participation and peace.” with the collaboration with our local partners Women Now for Development, aims to contribute to realise equal rights for women in the Arsal area of Lebanon; an area that hosts many Syrian refugees. 

The project aims to enable 23 women in Arsal to take on a leadership role in promoting women’s participation in their communities and in political processes. Additionally, it aims to enhance women to positively affect the integration of the Syrian project participants into their host communities by contributing to reduce prejudice among the Lebanese population and furthering collaboration between both groups in promoting women’s rights and empowerment. 

The project allows the women participants to experience for themselves the benefits of a transition towards democracy and the rule of law,  in a very challenging local context. It also supports the participants to develop civil society initiatives that were identified throughout the training workshops of the programme as well as through their own community engagement.

“Women leaders for participation and peace” is funded by institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa), the zivik funding program, funded by the German Federal Foreign Office. 

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