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Project to Support the Parliament and Electoral Processes (Chad)

  • Country: Chad
  • Duration of the project: November 2020
  • Project objective: Formulation of a project in support of the election processes and the national parliament.
  • Contact person: Sebastian Bloching

In November 2020, elbarlament managing director Sebastian Bloching conducted a field mission to N’Djamena, Chad, in the framework of a consultancy agreement with GIZ. The mission served to assess the needs and expectations vis-à-vis an upcoming EU-Federal Foreign Office co-funded project titled Projet d’appui au parlement et aux processus électoraux
(PAPPE) and inform the formulation of the project. Together with another external consultant, we developed the project based on extensive desk research and interviews in N’Djamena with high-ranking representatives of Chad’s National Assembly, media regulator HAMA, Supreme Court, civil society organisations, media outlets and traditional authorities, as well as the donor community and potential project partners Ecole d’Administration (ENA) du Chad and Interparliamentary Union (IPU). By the end of the year, the draft project documents were submitted for feedback to the EU Delegation to Chad, the German Embassy and the Federal Foreign Office.

The project could not be completed due to an unexpected change in leadership in Chad.

The project was funded by the GIZ.