Whether developing a women’s policy programme together with Iraqi women, advising newly created parliaments, supporting countries in transition or conceiving and organising cultural events – different challenges require different skills. Our team consists of a multinational pool of professionals: lawyers, political scientists, communication specialists and other experts enrich elbarlament – cultures of democracy with their unique set of knowledge and skills.

Always on tour and engaged: Our team members are active on an individual level as experts, project developers and leaders in transition countries. They have gained extensive experience in the field supporting democratisation, peace-building and women empowerment in countries such as Tajikistan, Libya, or Estonia, often within the framework of projects funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, the European Union and the OSCE.

Our language skills are just as diverse as our team: we write and speak German, English, French, Spanish, Arabic – because empathic communication and exchange with people on site is essential to our work.

Do you need a competent partner for your next project? Contact us: info@elbarlament.org

Our Services:

  • Training and capacity building of political institutions and civil society
  • Political and cultural events
  • Workshops for women empowerment and participation
  • Promoting dialogue between parliaments and civil society
  • Needs assessment and technical assistance to political institutions
  • Support to parliamentary out-reach activities and stakeholder analysis
  • Advice on the role of the parliamentary opposition and the functioning of political groups
  • Peace-building and conflict prevention through culture and the arts
  • Exchange of international best practice
  • Research on political and cultural development processes
  • Evaluations of development and democracy support projects

Our Network:

We build on a network of trusted international partners, including parliamentarians, governmental officials, journalists, actors, writers, film makers, translators, trainers, mediators and moderators.

  • Lamia Abi Aziz
  • Omar Abi Aziz – Stage director, founding member of Zoukak Theatre Company, Beirut
  • Susana Abdul Majid – Actress at the Berliner Ensemble, Berlin
  • Hanaa Ahmad- Poet and Researcher at University of Mosul, Mosul
  • Rejna Alaadin- Lawyer, Erbil/UK
  • Behar Ali– EMMA organization, Kurdistan
  • Luna Ali – Writer and organizer of Fuchsbau Festival, Leipzig
  • Abd Albari Almudarris – Member of the Iraqi CoR and chairman of the juridical committee, Heidelberg/Baghdad
  • Dr. Julie Bernath, Senior Researcher and Program Officer of the Dealing with the Past Program at Swiss peace
  • Franziska Brandner- Member of Parliament and former member of the European Parliament, Heidelberg
  • Fabian Brandt – Filmmaker at Vier für Texas, Frankfurt
  • Larissa Bender – Translator for Arabic language, Cologne
  • Julie Biro – Filmmaker, Paris
  • Kerstin Bröring – Election observation expert, Zentrum für Internationale Friedenseinsätze, Berlin
  • Leila Chamma – Author and translator for Arabic language, Berlin
  • Dr. Juan Diaz Prinz- Senior Expert Mediation and Dialogue, United States Institute of Peace, Washington D.C.
  • Lorenz Findeisen – Filmmaker, Paris
  • Myassa Kraitt- Expert on terrorism and extremism in the Arab world, Vienna
  • Tyma Kraitt- Journalist and Middle East expert, Vienna/ USA
  • Alev Korun- Former Member of Parliament, Green Party, Vienna
  • Roza Kurdo- Project officer at Goethe Institut Irak, Erbil
  • Ulrike Lunacek- Former Vice-President of the European Parliament, former Member of the Austrian Parliament, Green Party, Vienna
  • Anna Lürmann – Deputy Director at Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) Institute
  • Julia Mager – Advisor Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development at GIZ
  • Monika Molter – Trainer for communication, Cologne http://molter.biz/
  • Hasan Nabil – Beyond Reform and Development, Beirut https://www.beyondrd.com/
  • Armaghan Naghipour- Lawyer and Vice- President of DeutschPlus, Berlin
  • Anna Neifer – Editor at Labo-M Berlin http://aneifer.de
  • Inana Othman
  • Steffan Otteni- Stage director, Berlin
  • Christoph Reuter – Journalist for “der Spiegel” and book author, Beirut/Hamburg
  • Dr. Mariam Salehi – Postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Conflict Studies, University of Marburg
  • Junaid Sarrieddeen – Stage Director, founding member of Zoukak Theatre Company, Beirut zoukak.org
  • Michael Scharfschwerdt – Director Marketing & Communications DACH bei A.T. Kearney
  • Karolin Schwarz – Freelance journalist, fact checker and trainer https://hoaxmap.org/ueber.html
  • Elza Seferian- Researcher, Beirut
  • Fatima Sharafeddine – Author and translator, Beirut http://www.fatimasharafeddine.com/en/
  • Radwan Taleb- Stage director and actor, Sabunkaran theatre company, Sulimania https://www.facebook.com/TheSabunkaranTheatreGroup/
  • Hans Georg Throm – Filmmaker at Videojournalisten, Berlin
  • Najem Wali – Writer and journalist, Berlin http://najemwali.de/