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Gender and Legislative Training Manual

Our Managing Director Dr. Birgit Laubach co-authored this manual together with Dr. Amina Salihu for UN Women Nigeria and the National Institute for Democratic and Legislative Studies, with the support of the government of Canada. The objective of this manual was to create a critical tool to enable legislators and legislative staff in Nigeria’s Federal Legislature (the National Assembly) to have the requisite skills and knowledge to understand gender issues, women’s rights and social inclusion, and to make laws that protect the rights of girls and women across diversities, including in relation to gender, geography, age and disability, as well as enhance their participation in the legislature.

The main purpose of the manual was to provide successful training for members of parliament and staff. With the help of this training manual, trainers will be qualified to carry out seminars for members of parliament and staff in order for them to analyse, develop and adopt gender-responsive legislation. Furthermore, the manual provides trainers with an adult learner–centred space and skills for transferring the necessary gender equity and social inclusion perspective to legislative knowledge through training of trainers trainings.

Download it here.