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A strategy for women’s participation in the peace process in Nineveh

On the 25th October 2020 the executive summary of ‘’a strategy for women’s participation in peace processes in Nineveh’’ was handed to the Presidential Office in Iraq. 

The strategy paper consists of recommendations to policy makers, key stakeholders and the Iraqi National government on how to include women in reconciliation and peace processes notably in the Nineveh governorate. The draft strategy paper also provides proposed measures on how to implement the recommendations (Action Plan). 

The project aimed to contribute to improving the social and economic situation of women in the Nineveh province by enhancing their involvement in peacebuilding processes and setting the basis for an active network of key stakeholders in this field. To this effect, elbarlament e.V. brought together key actors in Nineveh ranging from civil society actors and representatives of women’s organisations, tribal and religious leaders to politicians, government officials and other key stakeholders in the field of peacebuilding. In the course of a stakeholder mapping, the conduction of a scoping study and several workshops, elbarlament e.V. collected input from stakeholders on women’s participation in peacebuilding processes in Nineveh. Special focus was on ensuring that participants maintained ownership of the produced document. Subsequently, a group of key stakeholders developed the content of a draft strategy paper during three focus group discussions and the elbarlament e.V. team produced the final document and an executive summary. 


The strategy paper is available here in English and Arabic.