Virtual Exhibition on Writing as a Window to the World

As part of the sixth ‘Long Night of Ideas’ under the Motto ‘Menschen Bewegen 2021’ which is organised by the German Federal Foreign Office, elbarlament will show a virtual presentation on the activities we held as part of our writing workshops and ToT programme in Iraq. elbarlament, with the generous funding from the Federal Foreign Office, conducted writing workshops for over 200 women from all regions of Iraq from 2016-2018.  In 2019, 13 Iraqi women writers were trained as trainers of writing workshops in a Training of Trainers programme (within the framework of the project “Cultural Initiatives for Civil Society in Iraq 2019” funded by the Federal Foreign Office). 

The Long Night of Ideas, which will be held on the 7th June will address the major issues of foreign cultural and educational policy. The focus will be on the thematic priorities ‘Divers. Digital. Sustainable’ and the big question ‘How soon is tomorrow’? During the Long Night of Ideas, elbarlament’s work will be presented digitally by means of a video and an exhibition presentation. In the presentation, visitors can take a closer look at the portraits and their corresponding poems, thereby getting an impression of the talent of Iraqi women writers, as well as of their willpower and strength to pursue what gives them hope and joy in life – writing – against all odds.

Learn more about the exhibition and our work in this interview, where elbarlament’s Managing Director, Dr Birgit Laubach explains what culture has to do with reconciliation and why writing opens a window to the world.

The virtual event will begin at 7.30 PM CET on 7th June 2021 on the following website:

Interview with Dr Birgit Laubach