The Protection Self-Referral Guide for Women HRDs in Yemen and Diaspora

We are pleased to announce the release of a significant resource in our Yemen project, namely the publication of The Protection Self-Referral Guide for Women Human Rights Defenders in Yemen and Diaspora. This essential resource has been developed to assist Women Human Rights Defenders, offering them vital information on local, national, and international support services such as protection grants, legal, psycho-social, immigration, digital support and others.

🔍 About The Guide

Understanding the complexities and dangers faced by Yemeni women in the field of human rights advocacy, this guide aims to provide straightforward access to support mechanisms designed to aid in their protection and work.


  • Guidelines on personal and community safety.
  • A directory of support services across different levels.
  • Information on accessing resources for women defenders, both in Yemen and abroad.

🛡️ Supporting Your Advocacy Safely

Recognizing the challenges faced by Yemeni Women Human Rights Defenders, this guide seeks to offer a resource for those requiring assistance, to facilitate safer environments for their important work, and equip them with tools and tips to protect themselves.

📲 Access and Distribution

Sharing this resource can help ensure that those in need are aware of the available support. The guide is available in both Arabic and English. Please note that the guide is not publicly available and can only be accessed upon request through the Peace Track Initiative’s website.

To request access to the Protection Self-Referral Guide:

1- Go to the Peace Track Initiative’ website and click on resources, or click this link:

2- Find the “Protection Self-referral Guide for Women Human Rights Defenders in Yemen and Diaspora”, and click on “Request Access”

3- Enter your name, email, affiliation, and why you are requesting the tool, and tick the document you are requesting i.e. “Protection Self-referral Guide for Women Human Rights Defenders in Yemen and Diaspora”.

4-  Your request will be reviewed by the team, once the application is processed, you will receive the guide via email.

5 –  You will receive the guide via email.

(Please be advised that due to public holidays, there may be some delays in processing the request)

If you have difficulty requesting or accessing the tool, please send an email to