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Arts-based approaches to peace-building in Iraq


Arts and Culture, Concluded

Strengthening civil society, helping people to overcome war-related trauma, promoting participation in social life and change – these are just some of the positive effects that cultural projects and art initiatives can have in conflict-affected countries like Iraq.

in 2018-2019, elbarlament – cultures of democracy conducted a study on foreign-funded cultural programmes and projects in Iraq, with a focus on initiatives using the arts for peacebuilding purposes. The report builds on desk research as well as field interviews conducted by elbarlament with artists and civil society activists from Baghdad, Basra, Mossul, Sulaimaniyya, Nasriah, Dohuk and Erbil.

Theory and practice go hand in hand: We carry out cultural projects to support local communities in overcoming the psychological and psycho-social consequences of war. See for instance our writing for life workshops and the upcoming Arabic literature festival in Iraq.