2014: Focused on capacity building, parliamentary support & women’s rights

Our projects in Egypt, Iraq, Libya and Myanmar, initiated in 2013, were continued and expanded throughout the year 2014.

We developed and implemented workshops building the capacity of the staff and representatives of several parliaments in the Arab world: the Egyptian parliament, the Iraqi Parliament and the Kurdistan Parliament Iraq (KPI).

We also supported the Syrian Interim Government (SIG). Together with our partners EACPE and the European Academy for Women (EAF Berlin) we designed a project in Egypt developing women’s capacities and activation at the local and community level.

After intensive consultations on the ground, we began designing our new parliamentary support project in Myanmar, which started in 2015.

In order to share our experience and knowledge and to positively shape important political and social processes, we participated in numerous conferences and debates about the political situation in Eastern and South Eastern Europe:

  • Conference “Women’s rights in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya” to discuss women’s rights after the Arab Spring with participants from Libya, Tunisia and Egypt
  • Forum „Alpbach | Re:think Parlament – Ein politisches Innovationslabor“ to discuss new perspectives of parliamentarianism and to present our innovative approach to parliamentary support
  • 2 Werkstattgespräche „Egypt after the Presidential and before the Parliamentary Elections; Chances and Opportunities for Dialogue and Cooperation“ and „Democratization in the wake of the Islamic State?“ (hosted by elbarlament – cultures of democracy)
  • Conference on Germany and the Arabellion: „How can Germany support the societal transformation in Northern Africa?“ to debate about the achievements and the future of Germany’s Transformation Partnership programme

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