Open Call for Blog Entries from Iraq

The development of the digital platform of our project „Women Talking Peace“ is reaching its final phase of development. We expect to launch it at the beginning of August. The platform incorporates a blog called „The blog of women and peace“, where every Iraqi can write about women’s peace and security issues. The blog objectives are:

  • Enrich and expand the public discussion on women peace and security issues in the Iraqi society
  • Create a resourceful “pool” of insights, opinions, and stories from which actions can be inspired.
  • Empowering stakeholders by providing a room to express themselves in a written form and create a safe space for exchanging opinions, sharing visions related to the project agenda

We already received several entries from our project participants and now we would like to invite you all to share your contribution with us and become part of the growing team of our project and of peacebuilders in Iraq!

We are excited to hear your story, know about you and your opinions about Women Talking Peace-related topics, be it in the form of opinion articles, critical analysis, success stories, short thoughts and observations, diaries or poems. Show us what your pen can do. Words inspire actions!

To amplify your voice we will share your writings with a list of 250 NGOs, government officials, and activists working on women’s peace and security agenda in Iraq in addition to our social media channels.

If you have any questions or ideas you would like to discuss with us don’t hesitate to send an e-mail to

Deadline for the first round of entries submission is 23.07.2021. Kindly send it as a word document with your name, email address and picture (optional).

Looking forward to connecting with you!