Women Talking Peace research – Exciting studies from Iraq

elbarlament is in the process of finalizing an exciting study and four thematic research papers on women and peacebuilding in Iraq. The aim of this work is to complement existing knowledge gaps in the area of women and peacebuilding. The study and the research papers will be published on the Women Talking Peace digital platform, which will be launched at the beginning of September 2021. 

To that end, we have produced a series of short interview videos giving an overview of the research questions, the methodology, and the expected outcomes of each paper.

Here’s a first impression:

Study: Women talking peace in Iraq: opportunities, challenges and prospects for a better future, Dr. Zeynep N. Kaya and Dr. Ilham Makki (watch video)

This study looks at the current situation of Iraqi women with regards to their inclusion in peacebuilding processes. Its aim is to contribute to closing the existing knowledge gap in this area. It provides a literature overview on women’s participation in peacebuilding processes and in political and socio-economic spheres in the country; maps out local and national mechanisms of peacebuilding in Iraq; and evaluates these in terms of women’s inclusion. Furthermore, the study specifies what representative and substantive participation look like in Iraq and discusses ways of ensuring women’s meaningful participation. In addition, it examines the relationship between transitional justice and peacebuilding processes with a particular focus on women’s inclusion and the discussion, whether existing transitional justice processes are able to promote justice in Iraq.

Research Paper: Legislative Framework to Women’s Participation in Political and Peacebuilding Processes, Rejna Alaaldin (watch video)

The purpose of this research paper is to identify the gender limitations and opportunities for political inclusion and participation in the legal framework of Iraq.  By undertaking a gender analysis of Iraqi law and identifying the gender gaps within the legal framework, it contributes to the progress and promotion of female political inclusion and participation through a set of key recommendations.

Research Paper: Engaging Women in Peacebuilding Processes in Iraq: Best Practices and Lessons Learned ,Dr. Janan Aljabiri (watch video)

The aim of the paper is to identify best practices and lessons learned of successful interventions regarding the inclusion of women in peacebuilding processes, whether at community or national level, through formal or informal channels. It looks to identify scalable and transferable initiatives that could be used in other parts of the country. It also aims to introduce women who could be considered as ‘female role models’ in peacebuilding and finally looking at ways in which their work could be better supported. 

Research paper: Sustainable Peacebuilding through Economic Empowerment

This research paper explores the links between economic empowerment and the inclusion of women in peacebuilding processes. It focuses on the ways through which the economic empowerment of women enhances women’s participation in peacebuilding processes. Additionally, the paper outlines challenges and best practices in pursuing peacebuilding through economic empowerment.

Research Paper: Online Sexist Hate Speech and Women’s Participation in Public and Political Life in Iraq, Dr. Aida Kaisy

The paper explores the interplay and reciprocal influences between online sexist/misogynist speech and “offline” women’s participation in public and political life in Iraq.

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