Women Talking Peace research – Exciting studies from Iraq

elbarlament e.V. produced a video giving an overview about the research project ‘The Role of Women in Peacebuilding Processes in Iraq: opportunities, obstacles and best practices’. Through interviews with the researchers, the video sheds light on the purpose, methodology and aimed at outcomes of this study and a stakeholder mapping which was conducted by elbarlament e.V. in Iraq. The study will be published in spring 2021.

elbarlament e.V. is also in the process of finalizing three research papers with regard to women and peacebuilding in Iraq. To that end, we have produced a homogenous series of short videos giving an overview about the research questions, the methodology and aimed at outcomes of each paper through an interview with the respective researcher.

Get a first impression of our papers and their authors:

Gender Analysis of the Legislative Framework in Iraq” 

Through examining existing Iraqi laws and regulations, the paper identifies limitations and opportunities for better women political inclusion and participation in Iraqi legal framework.

Sustainable Peacebuilding through Economic Empowerment?” 

The paper scrutinizes the linkages between economic empowerment and the inclusion of  women in peacebuilding processes, and highlights challenges, opportunities and best practices of combining programs of economic empowerment and peacebuilding.

Women’s Engagement in Peacebuilding in Iraq: best practices and lessons learned

The paper maps the different successful interventions, which are made by women groups and women’s organizations, that address the pillars of UNSCR 1325 , with the aim of identifying success conditions, in order to assess how scalable and transferable these interventions could be. 

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