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Women taking the lead for a new Syria

Self-confidence, political qualifications and professional skills to assume active leadership roles in society – that is what the Syrian women take home from our leadership training programme. The participants in our project in Lebanon are women with a high potential to contribute to positive change in their country. Through our workshops they gain new knowledge and tools that help them to play that leadership role even more effectively.

elbarlament – cultures of democracy has developed the training curriculum especially for Syrian women currently living in Lebanon as refugees. The civil rights of these women are infringed due to their refugee status; they have no political representation; they are not included in international peace processes or transitional justice initiatives; and they face discrimination under Syrian and Lebanese law.

Through the project, we prepare Syrian refugees to participate in rebuilding their country: The women acquire knowledge of political processes as well as skills in political mediation and conflict management, and they get the know-how that they need to contribute effectively to rule of law and transitional justice. Our project participants work with civil society organisations and businesses for the reconstruction of Syria and the development of functioning and democratic public administrations while raising awareness in their communities about the importance of women’s rights – both in Lebanon and Syria

We are realising this project together with our partner  “Women Now for Development” – a Syrian non-governmental organisation with good relations with the host and refugee communities as well as with local authorities.

The project is supported by the ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen) programme “zivik”, with funds from the German Federal Foreign Office.

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