A civic education platform for Iraq – updates

A Year after the project launch, and with the platform having now gone live, elbarlament has created a far-reaching and robust network of civil society organisations and individuals. This includes 23 official signed partnership agreements between elbarlament and local NGOs, as well as numerous other informal relations and dialogues. In the coming months, Ouraq will call on this network to continue populating the Ouraq platform with additional content.

In addition to the content provided by local partners, Ouraq is fostering knowledge-sharing among numerous players on civic education in the wider MENA region. The platform will republish in-depth analysis and stories about Iraq produced by international NGOs, think tanks and institutions. These articles and comment pieces are designed to promote a range of views and opinions and thus foster debate within Iraq around civic institutions, practices and ethics.

Here are some reactions:

“The knowledge production and sharing offered by the Ouraq platform is precisely what I needed as an Iraqi researcher, trainer, and civil society activist. This platform is an exceptional creative space that warmly embraces individuals who seek to actively engage in public dialogues, share useful resources and promote civic values in order to make meaningful contributions to the development of Iraqi society.”

Reem Ghassan – A board member at the Peace and Freedom NGO

“I think that the Ouraq platform is a good step in the field of civil development and will be an active and supportive element in spreading the concepts and foundations of civic life. It will serve as a starting point to solidify the concepts of the civil state, which is an urgent need in our Iraq today. I also expect this platform to become a reference for Iraqis due to its diversity and the important topics it covers regarding the lives of citizens from all segments of society.”

Dlovan Barwari – Deputy Director of the Network of Iraqi Reporters for Investigative Journalism (NIRIJ).

“The Ouraq platform is a highly effective way to educate young people about the concepts and values of civic education, including democracy, human rights, constitutional culture, social justice, and good governance. It serves as a valuable reference for many parties searching for sources and information in one place.”

Dhefaf Al-Jarahi, the Executive Director of the Iraq Foundation

In addition to launching the platform, elbarlament plans to provide training activities to citizens in Kirkuk (April 2024) and Muthana and Dhi Qar (May 2024) on civic education and climate change. Follow the project on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all updates including more cartoons like the one below, depicting the reality in the country.