Online multi-disciplinary human rights course completed

We are happy to share that we have reached a significant milestone in our ongoing project “Towards enhancing the resilience of women human rights defenders in Yemen to advocate for women’s and children’s rights“: the successful organisation of an online multi-disciplinary Human Rights course. Its online nature made it accessible to participants from all around Yemen and in the diaspora. The course was delivered by international consultants, predominantly inspiring women from Yemen and the wider MENA region. It consisted in five parts: Project management, Gender and Conflict, Digital Safety, Human Rights, Advocacy and Influencing. More specifically:

1. Project Management, where participants gained essential skills to effectively plan, execute, and monitor projects.

2.Gender & Conflict, which explored the complexities of gender dynamics within the context of conflicts and post-conflict environments.

3. Digital Safety, were participants received invaluable training on protecting themselves and their work in the digital realm. In an increasingly interconnected world, this knowledge is vital for women HRDs to navigate the challenges and risks they may encounter while promoting human rights online.

4.Human Rights, which provided a comprehensive overview of international human rights standards and mechanisms. Participants explored how to leverage these frameworks to hold perpetrators accountable, advocate for justice, and safeguard human rights.

5. Advocacy & Influencing, which equipped the participants with effective advocacy strategies. They gained insights into engaging with policymakers, influencing public opinion, and to raise awareness about critical human rights issues.

Throughout the online training, participants actively engaged in virtual discussions, interactive workshops, and practical exercises. The course success showcases the resilience and determination of Yemeni women, who, despite the challenges they face, continue to be at the forefront of advocating for human rights and peace in their communities. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our donors, partners, consultants  and participants whose unwavering support and adaptability have made this online project possible.