Climate change and civic education workshops in Muthana, Basra and Nasiriyah

Our civic education project organised three “Climate Change and Civic Education” workshops in Muthana, Basra, and Nasiriyah in June 2024. In total, 68 youths were trained to raise environmental awareness in their local communities. Given the current conditions in Iraq, with recent climatic crises across the country and a current extreme heat wave, this work is particularly urgent and vital.

On June 09, a networking event took place in Al-Basra. The event brought together more than 20 public institutions, local civil society organisations and academia active in the field of civic education (CE).

The networking event aimed at introducing the project’s main activities and themes, exchanging best practices and experiences, and discussing potential opportunities for collaboration in the field of civic education.

Don’t forget to follow the keystone digital output of the programme, the interactive platform “Ouraq”. It aims to be an unbiased, non-sectarian and inclusive space that encourages debate around civic education both inside and outside of Iraq. One key activity has been expanding the project’s network of local partners and organisations. This will ensure  regular content addition to the platform as well as its smooth handover upon conclusion of the project.

To ensure that users continue to return to the platform and engage with its content, the team has been continually updating news stories, in-depth analysis and information about Iraq. This has been done in collaboration with both domestic and international NGOs, think tanks and institutions. Since the start, the project has made sure that these pieces reflect a variety of views and opinions and encourage “Ouraq” as a space of liberal discussion and open debate.