Call for applications/proposals for civil society organisations in Iraq

Within the framework of our project Quality and Effectiveness in Dialogue and Participation in Iraq, we are pleased to announce a call for applications for Dialogue and Participation Grants for four civil society organisations in the field of climate change, women and youth. The deadline is 8 February 2024 or until the positions are filled; proposals will be reviewed on a running basis.

The objective of the dialogue and participation grants is to support Iraqi civil society organisations that are active in the field of climate change, women and youth in launching dialogue and participation activities with governmental actors. The grant will cover the activities of the grounding phases of dialogue processes, i.e. the participatory process should be defined and grounded. The supported activities include:
– Planning of a dialogue process with governmental stakeholders in close cooperation with elbarlament
– The effort for the organisations is to negotiate and shape the dialogues, to design and agree upon dialogue processes/ formats, to create ownership and to make them successful.
– The result is the design of a conducive and effective dialogue process: dialogue processes on topics fostered/convened by governmental actors that are interested in real implementation, list of participants related to the decision taking on the topic,
design of methods and sessions.

Four organisations will be selected for this call. The project proposal can also be submitted through joint submissions of more than one organisation.
To be eligible for funding, the applicant must be:
– a registered civil society organisation or initiative in Iraq and
– a not-for-profit organisation working in the field of climate change and environment, women, and/or youth

Furthermore, the organisation must adhere to the Peace Track Initiative Global Code of Conduct and the Safeguarding policy.

For more details including how to apply, please click here and for the Arabic version here.