ToT workshops in Nigeria to promote gender-responsive legislation

As part of a consultancy for the UN Women Office in Nigeria and NILDS (National Institute for Legislative and Democracy Studies), we are currently conducting Training of Trainer (ToT) workshops for core Nigerian resource persons. By training prospective trainers, the goal is for them to transfer the acquired skills on gender-responsive legislation to female and selected male parliamentarians on the national and state levels who will in turn be able to analyse, draft and adopt gender-responsive legislation. Gender leadership training and gender-responsive legislation is becoming increasingly popular with many institutions, as a way to improve the quality of relief and development work. The consequences of ignoring gender issues in development are widely acknowledged. Furthermore, Nigerian legislation still lacks a gender-responsive lens and women are still extremely underrepresented in the legislature and other leadership positions. 

The workshops, which are taking place online due to the ongoing pandemic cover relevant topics such as basic gender concepts, understanding the working of the national and state assemblies, gender-responsive legislation, as well as networking and collaboration. The material for the workshops consists of a training manual compiled by the two consultants Dr Laubach from elbarlament and Dr Amina Salihu. Apart from covering the aforementioned topics, the manual also provides handouts, case studies, and other material the trainers can use in their own trainings. Furthermore, given the current social restrictions, the manual also includes a guide to conducting online workshops. The training of the legislators form the national and state assemblies will begin in mid November.