Magdolin Harmina, Project Officer

Magdolin Harmina studied political sciences and public policy in Cairo (Cairo U.), Mississippi (Jackson State U.) and Osnabrück (Uni Osnabrück). She worked for more than three years in the fields of human rights advocacy, counterterrorism and de-radicalization processes, and peacebuilding in the MENA region. Harmina is also an independent journalist and researcher focusing on social and political affairs in Egypt, Syria and Iraq.

For the purpose of reviewing the human rights situation in Egypt during the second cycle of UPR, Harmina served as a lead author of the situation report on women’s rights submitted by Maat Foundation (2014). She worked also as the manager of “Youth Political Participation in Egypt” project funded by the Arab Fund for Human Rights (2014). Before joining elbarlament e.V., Harmina was involved in a Track II diplomacy initiative that aimed at fostering peace and stability in Syria (2018/19). She worked also as a Project Officer at Candid Foundation and supported the team in different cultural and media projects implemented between Europe and the Arab World. She has published in Zenith magazine different articles on Egypt and Syria.

Harmina is currently responsible for Democracy needs Civic Education – a feasibility study for a digital civic education platform.

She speaks Arabic, English and German.